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Aurum Infocomm Limited is an exclusive Commodities broking house promoted and led by individuals who are professional leaders in their respective fields .The company's objective is to provide a research based services in india's upcoming Commodities market in all respects.

Aurum Infocomm Limited provides a whole range of products and services to fulfill the needs and requirements of a diverse client portfolio.

The main objectives of the company include;

Providing efficient 

Commodities Broking

Providing consultancy relating 

Commodities Market




In our constant endeavor to grow, we have created a world-class facility for the investors to experience the simplicity of investing in the Commodities markets. As we expand to serve the needs of all kinds of investors, we always have been guided by underlying philosophy: 'Investor's growth by providing best available services in the industry'.

AURUM is well equipped with latest in terms of information technology and connectivity with state of the art networking technology. Internet based client-trading services and a large network of trading terminals connected by VSATs all across the country.

In partnership with Financial Technologies, HCL Comnet Limited and others, AURUM provides one of the most reliable, fast and dependable networking facility for trading. Our backbone is based on VSAT technology, Leased Line as well as broadband Internet which gives a client maximum benefit for trading and watching their online positions.


Aurum Infocomm Limited
SCO 89, 4th FL, National Tower
Ranjit Avenue, B- Block
Amritsar - 143001

Tel: 0183- 5089530-33
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MCX MEMBER NO:- 31045, SEBI Reg. No. :- INZ000040934, FMC MEMBER NO MCX :- MCX/TCM/CORP/1041
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (12/09/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity SILVER
  Strategy Sell (12/09/2017)
  Entry Price 40100 OR CMP
  Target T1/39910 T2/39810 T3/39700
  Stop Loss 40300
Commodity NICKEL
  Strategy Sell (12/09/2017)
  Entry Price 708 OR CMP
  Target T1/700.2 T2/695 T3/688
  Stop Loss 714
Commodity LEAD
  Strategy Buy (12/08/2017)
  Entry Price 151.5 OR CMP
  Target T1/152.2 T2/152.6 T3/153.2
  Stop Loss BELOW/150.9
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (08/09/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
  Strategy Sell (08/09/2017)
  Entry Price 188.8 OR CMP
  Target T1/186.2 T2/185 T3/183.6
  Stop Loss 191
Commodity GOLD
  Strategy Buy (08/09/2017)
  Entry Price 30242 OR CMP
  Target T1/30310 T2/30349 T3/30398
  Stop Loss 30195
Commodity CRUDEOIL
  Strategy Buy (08/09/2017)
  Entry Price 3135 or cmp
  Target T1/3172 T2/3192 T3/3212
  Stop Loss 3112
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (05/09/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity ZINC
  Strategy Buy (05/09/2017)
  Entry Price 199.20 OR CMP
  Target T1/199.80 T2/200.4 T3/200.9
  Stop Loss 198.9
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