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Futures Market Helps All

Futures contracts perform two important functions:

  • Price Discovery
  • Price Risk Management
  • Efficient Price Discovery/Forecast made by the exchange will enable farmers decide cropping pattern and investment on inputs.
  • Price Stability resulting from equilibrium in supply and demand for a Commodities would be possible through exchanges.
  • Get an extensive market opened for them.
  • Get opportunity to trade, knowing the national and international trends and standards.
  • Can sell the Commodities to the customer without any agents.
  • Can decide the market even before harvest.
  • Get an opportunity to gain profit by spending only a small percentage of the actual Commodities price.
  • There is an opportunity to keep the Commodities in the warehouse and use the warehouse receipt to deal with financial needs, as it is an endorsable document. Can avoid deliberate decrease in price in the name of quality.
  • Farmers can trade by asking the help of the experts in trading organizations even if they are computer illiterate.


  • Can trade by spending only the margin amount.
  • Can sell the Commodities that he buys from the ready market and can rescue himself from the loss happening from price fall.
  • For those who have kept their Commodities in the Central Warehouse, loans are available on the basis of the stock. The benefit is that you can keep the Commodities somewhere without blocking the working capital in the stock.

Consumer, Industrialist & Exporters

  • Can be sure that the Commodities is available when they require it.
  • Can calculate the price since it is predetermined and can arrange everything according to that.
  • Can buy goods without agents.
  • Can buy them even while sitting in their office.
  • Can be assured the quality of the good.
  • Commodities can be purchased with only margin amount instead of giving the whole price.


Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (08/03/2018)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity COPPER
  Strategy Buy (08/03/2018)
  Entry Price 450.15
  Target TG1 451.30TG2452.75TG3455.15
  Stop Loss 448.50
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (05/03/2018)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity GOLD
  Strategy Buy (05/03/2018)
  Entry Price 30485
  Target TG1 30578 TG230620 TG330685
  Stop Loss 30410
Commodity COPPER
  Strategy Sell (05/03/2018)
  Entry Price 450.80
  Target TG1 448.60 TG2 447.20 TG3445.40
  Stop Loss 452.80
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (23/02/2018)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity CRUDEOIL
  Strategy Sell (23/02/2018)
  Entry Price 4082 OR CMP
  Target T1/4042 T2/4018 T3/3988
  Stop Loss 4115
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (22/02/2018)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity ZINC
  Strategy Buy (22/02/2018)
  Entry Price 227.2 OR CMP
  Target T1/228 T2/228.4 T3/228.9
  Stop Loss 226.6
Commodity GOLD
  Strategy Buy (22/02/2018)
  Entry Price 30488 OR CMP
  Target T1/30570 T2/30620 T3/30665
  Stop Loss BELOW/30400
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