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AURUM INFOCOMM LIMITED invites individuals and entities to become a part of our team as business partners.

The concept of business partner offered by AURUM INFOCOMM LIMITED provides an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneurs who have a positive approach and attitude to achieve the epitome of success to grow and gain from our vast experience in the field.

At AURUM we don't look for a Sub Broker, Franchisee; rather we look in for a Partner in business & growth. AURUM Business Partner is a part of our family where in he helps in managing the affairs of the Company and the relationship and he also enjoys Aurum Service Network.


The technology employed by SKI includes:

VPN Through VSAT
Broadband internet connectivity
VPN through Lease Line
Radio Frequency


There are two options available:

Fixed percentage of brokerage Sharing of brokerage

Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (12/10/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity CRUDEOIL
  Strategy Buy (12/10/2017)
  Entry Price 3315 OR CMP
  Target T1/3346 T2/3362 T3/3390
  Stop Loss 3284
Commodity GOLD
  Strategy Sell (12/10/2017)
  Entry Price 29845 OR CMP
  Target T1/29750 T2/29705 T3/79662
  Stop Loss 29940
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity COPPER
  Strategy Buy (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 444
  Target TG1-446 TG2-447.40 TG3-448.80
  Stop Loss 442
Commodity LEAD
  Strategy Buy (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 165 OR CMP
  Target TG1-166TG2-166.60TG3-167.20
  Stop Loss 164.30
  Strategy Sell (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 194 OR CMP
  Target TG1-192 TG2-191 TG3-190
  Stop Loss 196
Commodity crudeoil
  Strategy Sell (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 3322 or cmp
  Target TG1-3298 TG2-3284TG3-3266
  Stop Loss 3346
Commodity GOLD
  Strategy Sell (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 29800 OR CMP
  Target TG1-29700 TG2g-29656 TG3-29573
  Stop Loss 29900
Commodity NICKLE
  Strategy Buy (11/10/2017)
  Entry Price 712 or cmp
  Target TG1-720, TG2-725,TG3-731
  Stop Loss 704
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