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1. We capture personal information about the proposed user while registering with AURUM for Opening of account for Online Trading and Accounts Access.

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Amendments Rights

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Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity COPPER
  Strategy Buy (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 440.7 OR CMP
  Target T1/443.5 T2/445 T3/447
  Stop Loss 438.7
Commodity ZINC
  Strategy Buy (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 207.1 OR CMP
  Target T1/208 T2/208.4 T3/209.2
  Stop Loss 206.2
  Strategy Sell (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 202 OR CMP
  Target T1/199 T2/198.6 T3/196.4
  Stop Loss 205
Commodity NICKEL
  Strategy Sell (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 760 OR CMP
  Target T1/750 T2/746 T3/738
  Stop Loss 870
Commodity LEAD
  Strategy Sell (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 158.7 OR CMP
  Target T1/158 T2/157.65 T3/157..15
  Stop Loss 159.3
Commodity CRUDEOIL
  Strategy Buy (16/11/2017)
  Entry Price 3619 OR CMP
  Target T1/3642 T2/3660 T3/3688
  Stop Loss 3590
Commodity D
  Strategy Day Total (15/11/2017)
  Entry Price .
  Target .
  Stop Loss .
Commodity SILVER
  Strategy Buy (15/11/2017)
  Entry Price 39900 OR CMP
  Target T1/40040 T2/40120 T3/40270
  Stop Loss 39780
  Strategy Buy (15/11/2017)
  Entry Price 202 OR CMP
  Target T1/205 T2/206 T3/207.7
  Stop Loss 199
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